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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Easy home foyer design

Do you have an entry foyer that you just don't know what to do with?
Your home's foyer sets the stage for welcoming friends and family.
I found a great easy idea from House Beautiful I thought you might like.
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"Treat it as its own room, not just a pass-through space. Add a rug, a chair or bench, a table with books, a candle, a plant, to make guests — and you — feel at home as soon as they walk in. These ideas will work even in a teeny-tiny little entryway." —Libby Langdon

Photo: David A. Land
1. Go for the Big Gesture
"In a large double-height foyer, add balance and drama by placing a sizable table or oversize mirror on one wall. Lots of small items can feel insignificant and cluttered, but one substantial item can anchor the design. If the mirror is tall and narrow on a wide wall, balance it with sconces on either side."
2. Mirrors Work Magic
"Hang a mirror opposite your front door, and every time the door opens, it will reflect all that great natural light. At night, it will also reflect the artificial light from fixtures. Try a mirror with a pattern or grid overlay — it's more about adding a reflective, decorative element than being the kind of super-functional mirror you'd use in a bathroom."
3. Style It to Make It Feel Personal
"A console table with two levels or a shelf below allows you to display a few select items and fill in the open lower space. Here's a helpful trick: If you have an unsightly wall outlet there, a strategically placed tall vase will hide it in a split second!"

the heavy wood foyer table won't work in my home but you can find other tables in metal or a distressed cabinet that can work here just as well.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Latest Bathroom design trends to try now.

I've been thinking about updating my master bath and have been looking for design inspirations on line.
Below are some great ideas for trends now and into the coming years.
I hope you enjoy what I found below.

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Bathroom Looks We're Loving

From rustic flooring to repurposed antique vanities, experts share which bathroom looks are white-hot right now. By Douglas Trattner
Elegant White Bathroom

Bring Bling to the Bath

\"I love to bring an ornate chandelier that looks like it should go in an entryway or dining room into the bathroom. To me, I think it really connects the dots throughout the house,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. Of course, homeowners must be cognizant of room height, Taylor says, but a glitzy chandelier is a great way to bring feminine details into a room that is often dominated by stark materials. Design by Alicia Friedmann

Drop a Sink in It

\"For a one-of-a-kind piece, I like finding a really great piece of furniture, like a sideboard or bedside table, and dropping a sink into it to use as a vanity,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. The furniture needn't be some fancy antique piece, though those work well, too, she says. Anything found and refurbished that fits the scale of the room can work. \"Furniture makes a room feel comfortable and warm.\" Design by Sarah Richardson

Bathroom Floors

Wood is the New Black

\"A wood floor goes with absolutely everything,\" states Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. While wood historically has been shunned from the steamy bath, today's homeowners are clamoring for the look and feel of reclaimed wood floors. Unlike the smooth, featureless planks found at a lumber yard, wood from old barns or salvage yards boasts visually compelling natural features. If treated properly, the wood can stand up to the moist environment. \"Comfortable, warm and earthy, reclaimed wood works with modern and traditional design.\" Photo courtesy of Mountain Lumber

Red and White Bathroom

Floating Fixtures

\"If you are open to a little less privacy, installing a wall-mounted toilet can turn a very divided space into a massive-feeling bathroom,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. Toilets typically are stowed in a water closet, concealed behind walls that chop up the space and kill sight lines. Sinks often are mounted atop bulky cabinets that gobble up precious real estate. By floating these fixtures on a wall, notes Taylor, you increase both useable and perceived space. Photo courtesy of Duravit

Hardwood Floors

Modern Meets Traditional at the Feet

\"People with traditional-leaning houses may be open to some modern design choices, but they often don't know how to marry the two,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. A fun way to do that in the bath, she says, is with tile, specifically oversize ceramic planks in warm brown tones that emulate wood. \"These plank-style tiles are a modern choice that we typically haven't seen in traditional homes.\" Photo courtesy of Woodtec

Round Bathroom With Oval Shaped Shower

Showers: The New Bathroom Luxury

More and more clients are ditching the tub in favor of a luxurious shower, says Libby Palmieri of Cleveland-based House of L Interior Design. \"A Jacuzzi tub used to be the pinnacle of luxury a few years ago,\" she says. \"That's not the case anymore. Now, most homeowners would rather have a gorgeous shower that they can enjoy every day.\" Today's luxury shower is roomier and features multiple body sprays, rainfall shower heads, even steam. Design by Bruce Rosenblum

Concrete Bathroom Fixtures

Poured in Place

\"(Concrete) is what we are seeing now at the best luxury hotels and resorts,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. Counter to what we might assume about concrete being cold, hard and sterile, Taylor says that it is \"surprisingly natural, organic and comforting.\" It also is incredibly functional as it is often prepared and poured in place, unlike granite, which must be cut off-site and delivered. Photo courtesy of Sonoma Cast Stone

Cottage Style Bathroom Retreat

A Place to Sit, Fashionably

\"Anything you can do to soften up the bathroom and make it feel more like the rest of the house, I'm for,\" says Tracy Martin Taylor, owner of the Dallas-based design firm Eleven 11 Design. One of her favorite techniques for doing so is by introducing an upholstered piece of furniture. \"Not only does it provide a place to sit, but it also really warms up the room.\" Homeowners should use this approach as an opportunity to blend styles. An ornate velvet chair is a great way to counter act a modern, sleek bathroom, she notes. Design by Anissa Swanzy

I hope you found a great idea you can use right now.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Latest 2014 design ideas for small kitchens

I love white subway tile and it appears to be popular right into 2015 and beyond.
I found some great photos with other ideas for what you can do to make your small kitchen look like a million bucks.
I hope you enjoy them.

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Simple Kitchen with Wood Accents

to show a bold and clear room divide.

Small Cottage Kitchen

Clean Hues

Make a small kitchen feel open and airy by using a light color palette and plenty of natural light. HGTV fan heatherbullard coordinated white beadboard, a light travertine backsplash, glass-front cabinets and a soft yellow hue on the walls for an elegant cottage feel.

Small L Shaped Kitchen

Downsized Appliances

Light wood cabinetry and a large, open window prevent this small, apartment-style kitchen from feeling cramped. In an extra-tiny kitchen like this, downsizing is the best way to go. A pint-sized stove, range hood, microwave and kitchen table are in proportion to the space and take up less space than their large predecessors.

beautifully tiled contemporary kitchen

Sleek and Simple

The sleek, clean lines of this kitchen prevent the space from looking or feeling small and cluttered. Designer Ammie Kim kept busy decor to a minimum and allowed the glass-tile backsplash to be the colorful — yet soothing — focal point. When using the deep-toned cabinetry, keep the surrounding walls and countertops neutral for a more balanced look.

Proper Lighting

Small kitchens are often filled with the wrong lighting, making the space feel dim and enclosed. Using pendant lights on the ceiling and fluorescent lighting below the cabinets will gracefully cast light off the countertops and backsplash, visually expanding the space and uplifting the overall tone and mood. Photo by Maxwell Mackenzie

Modern Black, White, and Green Kitchen

Clear Countertops

This Manhattan apartment presented a small floor plan with an even smaller kitchen. HGTV fan ruffingit renovated the entire space and updated the kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and modern cabinetry for a clean look. A long, granite-top island separates the kitchen from the living room and provides extra seating and cooking space. When using an island as a room divider, be sure to keep the top clear and clutter free.

1920s Style Kitchen Space

Extra Storage

HGTV fan Felt So Cute renovated her small 1920s-style kitchen with clean, white cabinetry and a white, subway-tiled backsplash. The lime green accents add a playful splash of color without making the space feel busy or over-the-top. Take advantage of extra wall space by adding additional cabinetry and drawers. This will keep kitchen essentials organized and stored, while clearing up the countertops.

I hope you enjoyed these and found some great ideas.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bathroom designs going into 2015

Here are some great ideas to dress up a dated bathroom.
I think you will get some great ideas.  Pat

 Designer Bathrooms

Before you start your bathroom remodeling project, get inspired by our favorite new spaces from top designers. hgtv
Custom Shower Tiles

Old Meets New

The design team at De Meza Architecture wanted to combine traditional and modern elements in this 1920s-era bathroom. Designers Gregg De Meza, Jennifer Gustafson and Michelle Nelson nodded to tradition with black-and-white tile, but updated the look with a glass tile mosaic that features a whimsical message in pixilated type.

Bathroom Shelves

Bursts of Color

Small pops of citrine add visual interest to the classic black-and-white palette of this bathroom. This display shelving slides out of the way to reveal a medicine cabinet that houses bathroom essentials. Design by Gregg De Meza, Jennifer Gustafson and Michelle Nelson

Bathroom Vanity and Floral Wallpaper

A Touch of Glitz

A washstand is a great choice in a bathroom where storage isn't an issue, like this feminine powder room. Designer Christina Stillwaugh of Jessica Lagrange Interiors combined the gold sink and sconces with a dramatic, large-scale wallpaper that celebrates the pink tones in the stone floor. Photo by Werner Straube

A Room With a View

A neutral palette and minimal furnishings allow the architectural elements in this airy bathroom to shine, like the vaulted ceiling, herringbone tile and picture windows. Design by SFA Architects

Coastal Vanity Unit

Water, Water, Everywhere

The walls of this California powder room are covered with hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper. The bubbly, Italian glass antique sconces and the frosted glass tap handles extend the watery theme of the fish wallpaper. Design by Katie Ridder; photo by Eric Paisecki

Bathroom Vanity

Natural Glow

This modern bathroom's custom walnut vanity features a lighted honey onyx countertop, designed to enhance the beauty of the stone's natural properties and to create an ambient glow. Design by Nancy Mikulich

Corner of Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom

Effortless Eclectic Style

Designer Ashley Astelford carved an inviting powder room out of a niche under the staircase in this 1920s Dallas home. The art deco mirror pays tribute to the home's heritage, while fresh surfaces modernize the space.

Green and White Bathroom

His-and-Hers Luxury

This bath creates a luxurious space for a couple. A freestanding quarter-sawn island centered in the room matches the quartered oak double doors and offers continuity moving into the room. Each spouse has his or her own space with two large, white painted vanities, double medicine cabinets and framed mirrors. Design by Peter Ross Salerno

A Touch of History

To warm up this contemporary black-and-white space, designer Candice Olson added an antique storage hutch. A modern print of a classic chandelier further bridges the old and new.

Modern Country

A soft color scheme of yellow, white and graphite makes the main bathroom in Sarah Richardson's farmhouse feel like a country afternoon: bright and fresh. A vintage bathtub and other timeworn treasures fit the old-fashioned home.

Pubillones Designed Bathroom

Airy Asian-Inspired Escape

Designer Joseph Pubilones used a combination of neutral tiles — pale peach, copper and bronze — to create a mosaic that adds interest without too much proverbial volume. The floating vanity adds to the room’s airy allure. Photo by Daniel Newcomb

Earth Toned Decor Inspires Calm Serenity

Wow-Factor Shower

More and more homeowners are opting for luxurious showers in lieu of seldom-used tubs. This stunning floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure embodies the trend; it features dramatic chartreuse and pink tile, a shaving bench and steam capabilities. Design by Joseph Pubillones; photo by Daniel Newcomb

rejuvinated master bathroom

Classic and Clean

This timeless master bath uses cool wall tiles and muted lighting to create a refuge from the daily hustle and bustle. Minimal furnishing and accessories keep rejuvenation the focus of the space. Design by Lori Gilder

Rustic Flair

Designer Dan Heldenbrand used a stone bowl sink and a rustic wood-and-iron cabinet to create a Western-inspired theme in this desert home. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and a distressed wood countertop complete the look.

custom vanity and mirror update bathroom

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Designer Kenneth Brown used a large-scale mirror to make this small bathroom appear more spacious. The large looking glass also provides ample space for two people to get ready in front of the double vanity.

elegant and sophisticated master bathroom

Mediterranean Luxe

Inspired by the Tuscan architecture of this estate, this palatial master bath features custom-designed mosaics. The vine motif on the floor border continues in the backsplash.

colorful tiled master bath

Cool Colors

Imagine getting ready for the day in this elegant, spa-like space. Glass tile on the backsplash and in the couple-friendly shower adds playful color and excitement to the room, while a flat-screen TV allows you to be entertained and prepared before you step out into the world.

complimentary wallpapers work well in guest bath

Earth-Inspired Bath

This organically-inspired space proves that a bathroom can be both relaxing and dramatic. The soft gray hues of the tree-studded pattern combine beautifully with the textured brown wallpaper on the adjacent wall. Design by Erinn Valencich

Various Hues of Green Enliven Jacuzzi Bath Room

A Soothing Spa Retreat

The focal point in this expansive bath is a circular raised area that houses the spa bath and open-air shower. Designer Shelly Reihl David paired the polished pebble floor with Durango travertine and multicolored glass tiles. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware, an iron chandelier and unique accessories complete this elegant look.

Contemporary Bathroom With Round Mirror

Global Chic

A round mirror and bi-colored red horizontal tiles mounted in straight lines give this globally-furnished room a contemporary look. Worldly accessories, like the carved wooden mask and tribal-inspired drawing, look right at home against the warm backdrop. Design by Amy Bubier

Stylish Yellow Bathroom

Modern Minimalism

Sometimes, less really is more. In this contemporary space, a stark, angular sink and sparse furnishings let details like the bubbly pendant lights and textured door shine through. Design by Elizabeth Rosensteel

Colors from Nature

Designer Sarah Richardson incorporated colors from nature in the master bathroom to create a charming cottage look. Mint green, split-face mosaic tile, exotic marble flooring and moonstone details spruce up inexpensive white tiles for maximum impact at a low cost. A marble top and luxurious mirror dress up the charming, quaint vanity, and the two shutter cabinets provide vintage-inspired storage. The transom window above the freestanding tub gives privacy yet fills the space with plenty of natural light.

dual vanity flanking antique tub

Modern Meets Deco

Graceful curves and geometric forms meet in this master bathroom. The blue vaulted ceiling was created from unclaimed attic space; its shape is repeated by the soft fabric screen. An antique tub contrasts with custom slate-topped his-and-her vanities. Design by Van Tullis; photo by Beth Singer

Moroccan-Inspired Getaway

This fresh and crips bathroom's white walls and tub make the standout elements — the cobalt blue Moroccan drum table and lattice-print curtains — stand out all the more. Design by Alisha Gwen

Traditional White Bathroom

Sit Down and Stay Awhile

Designer Sarah Richardson created an oasis of calm in this elegant bathroom with delicate apricot details and an indulgent soaking tub. A vintage chair and vanity next to the tub provide a place to linger and prepare for the day.

Contemporary Bathroom

A Secret Garden

To get maximum natural light without compromising bathroom privacy, this bathroom features a walled garden outside the picture windows. A contemporary soaking tub provides a spot enjoy the view, undisturbed. Design by Slifer Designs

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. 
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